How to Get Rid of Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry?

When you decide that it’s time to remove Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry, you see that there are various methods to achieve the goal. Let’s take a look at a simple instruction offered by the official developer’s site and discuss other popular ways to reach the desired result.

A general description of Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry

Firstly, you must be aware that MCT exists only in Windows 10. Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry contains technical data about the device (desktop, laptop, any Windows-running device) and the way it’s working (which devices it’s connected to, the programs it uses). It was created to perform another function, too. Microsoft regularly gathers statistics for the company to work on the quality of software and offered services.

Why do users what to remove the feature?

Looking at the issue, some users don’t get why this file should be removed. It has noble goals and exists to make future updates more efficient. However, it was caught for not than noble reasons. There have been complaints that it uses a very big share of the CPU. It slows down the work of the desktop or laptop and the speed of the Internet connection. It may even lead to a system crash. Knowing this, many users began deleting or turning off the feature. In case you’ve also noticed the decreased Internet speed or performance, you should check it out and deal with the situation if needed.

One more major reason to deal with the file is to stop the data from being shared due to users’ privacy. There have been so many data leaks lately. Even more surprising, usually big companies fail to protect the data they’ve gathered. This stands to reason to limit the sharing of your data and stop the feature. More and more people are now paying lots of attention to which data they share and with which sites.

Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry doesn’t gather your personal data. Its main goal is to get statistics in general without ties to any particular person. As a result, new OS work better and have fewer compatibility issues.

Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry and ways to deal with the related issues

The moment you decide to get rid of MCT from the PC, you’ll discover lots of methods which might be applied to reach this goal. Let’s enumerate some popular ways out.

Top 5 ways to remove Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry

  • Using the administrative rights, delete CompatTelRunner.exe.
  • Look for corrupted files on the device.
  • Update your OS.
  • Use Command Prompt to switch off Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry
  • Scan your OS for malware.

Most of these options are related to CompatTelRunner. It’s basically the file responsible for Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry. As a rule, it’s placed in the System32 folder. It’s impossible to remove just by right-clicking on the file. Yet, you may turn it off or use the administrative rights to get remove it.

In case you prefer to use the instruction from the official source, do this:

  • Start with reaching Task Scheduler from the Start.
  • Using the newly opened window, follow to Task Scheduler Library, pick Microsoft > Windows.
  • Get to Application Experience which contains the Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser.
  • Right-click the unwanted file and pick an appropriate action.
  • Verify the action on the dialogue window.

It’s quite simple when you stick to the instruction. Just 5 steps and you are no longer using the feature.