How to select a data room software provider for managing file sharing, access & data security?

data security

Nowadays data room software supports an audit-proof, cross-company secure data exchange in the context of M&A deals, IPOs, or real estate sales. In this article, we are going to discuss the important criterion for choosing a reliable software provider.

Virtual data room – the basis of successful business management

Data room provides tools and methods that allow companies to control the entire business process management cycle. They allow them to separate business logic from IT infrastructure, creating conditions for the rapid creation of useful business transactions.

Today this software has become a useful tool due to proper documentation and business analysis. Within its application development environment, the data room combines IT solution design with business modeling and performance measurement. The software can provide at least a new, more efficient tool with which a business site can define its IT requirements.

According to, digital data room performs important business functions as follows:

  • design and observation of the task trajectory,
  • information flow management,
  • process mapping and analysis,
  • create a flow of electronic forms of registration and control.

What to consider when choosing a data room vendor?

According to the requirements of a certain business project, a company should evaluate the following points before choosing the data room provider:

  • Intuitive user interface

In business-critical transactions, such as company takeovers, the people involved often do not have time for extensive user training. Therefore, a company must choose a solution that is accessible to the user through its self-explanatory interface.

  • Technology compatibility

A cloud solution is recommended to ensure smooth cooperation between all companies. A company should make sure that no installation of software clients or plug-ins is required. It can also make sense to query the supported browser versions since older versions are sometimes used in corporations. Another aspect is a firewall activation that may be necessary. Ideally, a data room allows the user absolute flexibility in the choice of the end devices used and access independent of time and place.

  • Unique versioning of files

When working together on documents, it is important to keep track of the latest status. A data room should support the user with check-in and check-out functions as well as automatic archiving of outdated versions. This means that only the most recent version is available to the user for editing.

  • Individual question and answer process

A Q&A module is essential for conducting mergers & acquisitions and real estate sales. A company should check whether the configuration of the question-answer workflow can be individually implemented according to its requirements. Some data rooms also make it possible to formulate interim information for the other side of the final answer to a question will take a long time. Another useful option is a follow-up question when a question cannot be resolved.

  • Security

Compliance with confidentiality agreements is essential for business-critical transactions. Security measures such as the encrypted transmission of data and storage in an ISO-27001-certified data center are standard in a data room solution. This includes individual watermarks in PDF documents, sophisticated rights management, and audit-proof documentation of all data room activities. To be able to make a comparison between providers, a company should ensure transparency when it comes to security issues. Independent certifications, seals of approval, and penetration tests provide further indications of the security level.