McAfee Total Protection Essential Review

A highly reputable brand with years of history and experience. Yes, it’s a simple description of McAfee. The company is very popular, reliable, and protects millions of users worldwide. Other companies trust it enough to sell their laptops with a pre-installed McAfee antivirus. Today, we’ll focus on the McAfee Total Protection review to learn more about this edition and the major antivirus features it delivers.

Reasons to try McAfee Total Protection

In case you want more than a reputation to consider this software, learn more about smart licensing. McAfee allows covering as numerous devices (when you choose a corresponding plan), meaning one may protect every device in the house from online threats. A 30-day money-back guarantee secures enough time to test everything the developer offers and decide whether to keep using McAfee. Finally, 24/7 efficient customer support will add convenience and confidence that it’s simple to deal with any related issue.

The benefits of the software

Let’s start by paying attention to what McAfee Total Protection included in the plan. The benefits one is sure to get include: • Simple installation and design. One can intuitively navigate through the settings to reach the wanted feature or start scanning; • Excellent protection from malware proved by independent testing labs. The tests have stated the engine detected from 99.6 to 100% malware; • Responsive customer support that can remotely delete viruses in case a user fails to handle the situation; • McAfee Total Protection went the extra mile to protect the users’ personal information. The software monitors such information as email addresses, phone numbers, a Social Security Number, bank accounts, medical ID, and some membership cards to prevent any data loss. • 100% virus removal guarantee.

Drawbacks one can’t ignore

On the contrary, not everything is perfect here. The program takes many resources, which can result in slower performance. If your device doesn’t have much space or is already slowing down, this antivirus won’t be your best choice. Besides, the real-time protection could be better, too. The quality of services is high, but there’s always a place for improvement. Considering the price, some users expect more.

Additional features this antivirus edition brings

Once a user installs McAfee Total Protection, he gets a Virtual Private Network to increase anonymity online. Other tools include optimization tools like a file shredder. In combination with excellent identity protection features, the antivirus seems worth purchasing. New ransomware guard scored excellent results detecting and stopping zero-day threats and ransomware. McAfee Total Protection also comes with a personal firewall. The tool is convenient to use since it works in the background automatically. A user won’t see tons of annoying pop-up windows. The decisions are made internally. Customer support is available via a live chat and email. The team of experts can help every user resolve any situation regarding billing, viruses, occurring questions about the software, and other issues.

The verdict

In conclusion, McAfee Total Protection has an impressive set of features that protect users’ data and devices from various threats like viruses, malware, Trojans, ransomware, etc. Extra features deliver a remarkable experience by securing all-round protection.