Transaction-purpose software used to protect information and processes

Virtual data room providers are filling the market at an incredible rate, hoping to provide the best and unique choice for your company. That is why if you decide to choose a reliable and multifunctional VDR this can become a problem, there are a lot of choices. You need to be clear about your needs to shape what you want to see in your ideal data room. But to save your time, we have compiled a list of the best VDRs and made a small review of them.

Firmex Review

Among all the virtual data room reviews, Firmex is the first on our list, serving all the popular features that today’s entrepreneurs are asking for, such as compliance, due diligence, litigation, and more. The data room has a high-quality level of security and allows you to control watermarks, document deadlines, and supervise information availability. In addition to generally more than satisfactory characteristics, VDR also has a legal, biotechnological, government, and so on industries in its system.

Simple use of the program makes it easy to organize all documents by moving them to different directories and sections using simple drag and drop. Program control is also flexible, allowing you to regulate access to data rooms at different levels.

iDeals Virtual Data Room Review

iDeals guarantees you one of the safest VDRs to send and share files with representatives of other companies. Given this direction of the program, it is perfect for performing various types of transactions, including mergers and acquisitions.

Additional features of VDR include double authentication, data encryption, and a large number of useful business tools to more efficiently solve your problems. The program also has a built-in reporting function that provides you with information about the actions of users in the data room.

Encyro Review

Encyro has a multifunctional interface that, in addition to the standard VDR functions, also collects electronic signatures, encrypts e-mail, and exchanges files. Send your VDR files to your potential partners without worrying about their safety. Delivers Level 16 protection and high-grade encryption that equates to bank security, the online space does its job just fine. Most importantly, Encyro only stores your data in secure data centers.

Vitrium Security Review

Vitrium Security is the ideal storage solution for media content and sensitive documents for content publishers and creative artists who want to protect their data from illegal distribution and theft. The program offers military-grade encryption quality and reliable protection against cyberattacks.

The storage allows you to load various types of files into the system and accepts formats such as MP4 and AVI for video and audio content. Use formats for storing images

JPG, GIF, BPM. Document Access Control enables you to put watermarks and restrict the option of copying and printing the paper in a way that prevents data leakage. You can even set additional security measures such as login access, browser restrictions, DRM protection, and deadlines.

eFileCabinet Review

eFileCabinet is a VDR that is more focused on small businesses, but this does not diminish its value. The program allows you to reduce paperwork and optimizes your work processes. Thus, you can avoid human error, the program will do everything for you. The main feature is the on-site rollout capability.