3 Main Ways to Upload Photos to Nixplay

Nixplay is a well-known company that sells digital photo frames. It has a beautiful mission to preserve the captured memories and share them with others. If you have one of their photo frames, you must have wondered how to add photos there. Well, there are 3 main ways you can do that. Let’s go over each of them and learn how to upload photos to Nixplay.

According to the official site, you may add photos via email, using the site, and the Nixplay app.

How to add photos to Nixplay via the site?

First of all, you need to start with logging into the site. In case you have never used the services of the site, it’s high time to create your account. As soon as you are in, just go to the corresponding section and upload as many photos as you need. Before you create a playlist, you can gather all the photos from different sources. It can be from your social media profiles, hard drive, clouds (like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.), emails, smartphones, etc.

Aside from the playlist, you may share some photos from Nixplay directly to a friend. Just select the photo or several of them and choose ‘Send to a friend’ feature on the menu.

How to add photos to Nixplay via the app?

The procedure of adding photos using this method very similar. At first, you need to get an app. In case you’ve got an iPhone, you can go to the App Store and find the official application. When you use an Android, visit Google Play to help you out. Log into your account, press on Send photos and mark the pictures from the library you’d like to upload. There is even a possibility to add photos right from your camera. However, mind that if you upload lots of files and your Internet connection is slow, it’ll take some time. Don’t close the app until all the uploads are processed.

Using your smartphone, you could approach the matter with full creativity and add captions or stickers to the pictures. Edit the files using other apps and then upload them from the Library.

The app also supports other features. For instance, you can share a picture with someone else or define which playlist you wish to make bigger.

Adding photos to Nixplay via email isn’t complicated at all

It might seem like the most confusing option. However, have no fear. Using these simple steps, you are sure to succeed in it, too. As soon as you start using your frame, you’ll get a Nixplay Cloud account. You can also create your @mynixplay.com email address. You could share this address with your family and friends so that they were also able to upload new photos to your frame. In case you forget or lose it, you can always review it in your account settings on the official website. Just email all the pictures you want to this address.

Keep in mind that if you want to upload a photo to a specific playlist via email, you should also enter the text ‘pl: playlist title’ in the subject of the letter! Not in the text but in the subject. The moment the photo is uploaded, you’ll see it in your account along with the sender’s email address. It’ll appear on the frame, too.