Activate SpyTecGPS Using These Tips

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If you’ve recently bought SpyTecGPS, you will have to activate the device before you can use it. To do it properly, you’d better follow the instructions from the guide or rely on our tips. Let’s go over the essential steps on the way to using SpyTecGPS in today’s article as well as some useful tips on activating the tracker.

The general information

There is no reason to be worried or afraid as the installation is very easy and fast. It takes only 5 steps and a few minutes before you can begin using it. The tracker itself comes with a guide. This is a detailed instruction on what to do at each step. It gives even more attention to the placements and the account’s interface. However, let’s start with activating it first.

5 crucial steps to activating SpyTecGPS

Step No. 1. Locate the IMEI number which is printed on the back of the box and device. You must use this number to activate the device.

Step No. 2. Charge the tracker to be able to activate it. While some trackers can come with the charged batteries, it’s not always like it. Just take the USB cable from the box and use the wall charger. It’s better to leave it for about 8 hours during the 1st charge. It may take less time. You’ll figure it out by the indicator which must turn from solid red to blinking green.

Useful tip: the indicator must blink green every 3 seconds. In case it blinks faster, there is probably a problem with the cellular signal. Verify the T-Mobile’s reception is fine or fix the issue.

Step No. 3. Create a profile on the official website. To activate SpyTecGPS, you will have to sign up on the site by filling up the registration page. It requires basic information as well as billing/credit card data, your subscription plan, and the IMEI you’ve prepared in step 1. When the registration is over, you’ll receive a letter on the email you’ve shared. It’ll contain all the information including the username and password for future access.

Step No. 4. Place SpyTecGPS in the right place. By the right place, we mean the area that is open to the sky and has a clear line of sight. The most popular location includes the zone next to a window.

Useful tip: don’t place it in the glove compartment of your car or inside any box. Make sure the area you’ve picked has a good signal, too.

Step No. 5. Access your SpyTecGPS from the account you’ve just created. As soon as you complete all the steps, you can open the website, access your profile using the information from the letter and observe the real-time location of the tracker.

Useful tip: the account has some settings you can adjust to your needs. If you have any issues or questions, just contact the support team via email. The official SpyTecGPS site also has the FAQ section where you can find the answers to the most popular questions.

The verdict on SpyTecGPS

This tracker is a very convenient gadget that even has an app now. Just log into your profile from the smartphone and track the movements using satellite technologies. Numerous reviews agree that this is a very reliable option with great battery life. Check it out to see for yourself.